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OPC2BACnet(BACnet OPCClient)


Product name:OPC2BACnet  

Product model:O2B-Softkey O2B-USBkey

OPC2BACnet solve most of BA system can’t access OPC server. Some of software support OPC,but it is very expensive. After using OPC2BACnet, it will save cost of whole project. Software only support BACnet protocal.most of project use this solution in building system.
Operating principle: OPC2BACnet and OPCserver in Same PC, OPC2BACnet collect OPCServer transfer to BACnet IP slave, then configuration software of other company will monitor and control OPCserver by BACnet IP. It achieve system integration.
Advantage: Easy to Configure and Operation. provide Visual Basic Script, Support    review by Web and IPAD. Support Protocol conversation and support any language .
Operation Platform
Support Windows XP/2000/2003/Win7/Win8;
WEB with above IE8 version, Opera, Safari of apple, Google Chrome and firefox.
Application Fields
To solve Johnson Control Metasys access OPCServer;
To solve Alerton Bactalk BASsystem access OPCServer;
To solve Simens insight access OPCServer;
To solve Hysine viewlogic access OPCServer;
To solve Automated Logic software access OPCServer;
To Honeywell EBI or Niagara and also access OPCServer;

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