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OPC2BACnet(BACnet OPCClient)

           Product Model:  O2B-Softkey, O2B-USBkey

           Function description

          OPC2BACnet software is mainly used to solve the problem that most building automation software can not access the OPC server. Because access to OPC server through OPC2BACnet, even if the configuration software supports the OPC interface, but the purchase of the interface is expensive, can also not buy OPC interface, only buy to support the Bacnet protocol, thereby saving costs.


          Working principle

          Install OPC2BACnet software on the OPC server computer on the OPC server, read through the "OPC2BACnet" data is converted into BACnet IP/MSTP from the station, so the other computer configuration software only through the BACnetIP/MSTP protocol, which can realize the monitoring and control of the OPC server, OPC server and realizes the system integration.


          Operating environment:

          OS: Windows XP/2000/2003/Win, Server, 2003/Win, Server2008/Win,Vista , Win 7/Win8/Win10 etc.


          Application domain

          -Solve the Metasys configuration software access to OPC server
          -Solve the Bactalk BAS system Alerton company access to the OPC server

          -Solve SIEMENS Insight configuration software to access the OPC server
          -Solve the ^Hysine BA management system ̄ viewlogic software to access the OPC serve
          -Solve the ALC company's software access to the OPC server
          -Solve the Honeywell configuration software EBI or Niagara without OPC interface to access the OPC server etc.


          Software Features

          -Green free installation, support in Chinese and English;
          -Support read OPC server to BACnet IP and BACnet MSTP server;
          -Support 9 BACnet object AI/AO/AV/BI/BO/BV/MI/MO/MV;
          -Support linear conversion, take bit;
          -Easy to use configuration software OPC2BACnet;
          -O2B-Softkey soft authorization, easy to use;


          Application Principle Diagram



         OPC2BACnet Product Series



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